Market Research

Research is where we began. If there is information out there on your competitors, data you may need to make decisions or you simply want to know your own presence within the market, then let us know.


Social media outreach and management

The world has become oriented through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest… (you get the idea). Do you know how to navigate it? If not, we can help you through it with development and execution of expanding your presence through social media.




WordPress website creation

If you are an owner of a small business, the thought if building a website can be daunting- especially if you are not tech savvy. We help you find your way through this by assisting in creating your website utilizing WordPress. We take the time to ensure your site is not only simple to use on the back end, but appealing to visitors.



Virtual personal and administrative assistance

There are times you have a full plate with your commitments but need a spreadsheet completed or that phone call made, this is not outside our scope. If there is a job we can’t handle, we can find someone who can.